German Exchange 2016

Wednesday March 16th 2016

This morning the students visited the nearby bakery, Bäcker Clauß, where they learnt how pretzels are made and got to try various products from the bakery including croissants and biscuits and special Easter goodies! They were then treated to some freshly baked pretzels, which they had just watched being made from scratch!

The students have then had a few more lessons in school with their partners and most went home for lunch! Now all that is left is to say goodbye to their partners and host families – there will be tears! 

We are due to fly at 20.10 from Stuttgart, and should be back at school at 22.15. We will keep you updated!
Bis später!



(Tuesday evening – goodbye party!)

Yesterday evening we had our leaving party to mark the end of the Exchange! As always the German host families outdid themselves with their delicious foods from Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black forest gateaux) to Apfelkuchen (Apple cake!). The students had a great evening together to end a fantastic week!! This party marks the last evening of what is now the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the Exchange, running between Southam College and Hölderlin Gymnasium!
Thanks again to all the German host families for their hospitality and to Mr Holfelder for organising a fabulous itinerary for the week! Also a big thanks to Miss Barthelmes, Mr Wasser, and Mrs Holfelder for all their support with the exchange!

Tuesday March 15th 2016

Today has been a pretty great day so far!! All the German and English students visited the Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory (Schokoladen Fabrik), the only one in the world which produces the Ritter Sport chocolate!!
First they had chance to look around the museum and exhibition and they worked together with their exchange partners to complete a quiz about chocolate!! They quickly discovered the AMAZING machine which had a mini factory truck that delivered free chocolate! LECKER!
After this was the highlight of the visit: a chocolate workshop!! First they learnt more about chocolate and its production, and then each student was able to create their own TWO bars of chocolate, of their choice! Other than deciding between plain, milk and white chocolate, there were plenty of additional ingredients to choose from! From cornflakes (Knusperflakes) and raspberries (Himbeere), strawberries (Erdbeere) to lemon (Zitrone), from
crispies, Popping candy and Smarties to gummy bears (Gummibärchen)!
The students were shown how to mix their ingredients and fill the plastic moulds and then of course they got to eat the remains from the bowl and spoon!! Whilst the chocolate bars were setting, they then got to design their own boxes / packaging!
Once the chocolate was set, they removed them from the moulds and packaged them up! Most swapped a bar with their exchange partners so that they had two flavours each!! They then had time to look in the factory shop and let’s just say we are quite concerned for the weight of their suitcases on the flight home tomorrow!!
More updates later from our Abschiedsfeier (goodbye party!) tonight!

Monday 14th March 2016

We met up with all the students this morning, and they all had great stories to tell about their brilliant weekends!
Some went to Stuttgart to go up and see the views from the TV tower or go to the zoo or shopping. Some had meals with the families or visited other areas or towns in the region! Some even attended a ball / dance with their partners! They even learnt some ball room dancing! And all of them sampled plenty of yummy German food like Maultaschen and Spätzle!

Today we had a tour of Lauffen, lead by the leader of the exchange Mr Holfelder, and the students were able to visit the historic and famous Regiswindis Kirche (church), where they were able to see the bell tower, the views of Lauffen and Izzy even managed to play a bit of ‘Skyfall’ on the organ! 

Then we met up with the German partners and went to Heilbronn by train to go ice skating! The students had fun on the ice for two hours and then had fun eating ice cream in the sun on the way back! LECKER!! (Delicious!!)

TOMORROW – RITTER SPORT SCHOKOLADE FABRIK!! (Ritter Sport chocolate factory!)

Bis morgen! Frau Marti