Year 11 start the netball season with 3 wins

A fantastic turn out tonight from the year 11 netball team. The girls had their first league night of the year.

Three games in one evening with all results going towards the league title at the end of the year. The first game was against Trinity, where the girls with some fantastic interceptions from the defensive unit of Hannah Bale, Katie Cummings and Jodie Rigg saw the team leap ahead to a 16-6 victory.

The second game the girls took on Aylesford which gave the shooters (Marie Pavey, Hope Aris and Amy Carro) a chance to shine with a 12-1 victory. Jodie Stevens (Capt) and Alice Coles as usual gave a solid performance in centre court to ensure Aylesford had minimal attempts on target.

The final game was a tough match against a well drilled Kings High team. At half time the score was all level at 4-4, however Jodie S stepped up to the mark with some fantastic feeds into the circle to Marie which saw them finally sneak ahead to an 11-8 victory.

Girls you played excellent tonight you should be really proud of yourself, well done.

Mrs Turton

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 06.55.46.png

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