French Trip Update

A phenomenal final day for the Y9 and Y10 French trip! We started this morning visiting the Jean Bosco Lycee where we were immensely proud of all students, who met with their French partners, played games and had some excellent conversations. Ella and Immy really impressed us here! Some students were also very brave and gave presentations in French explaining about Southam College to around 40 French and English students – particular congratulations to Charlotte Frendt, Chloe Broomhead, Francesca Ware and Phoebe Sass. We also treated the French students to some English “delicacies” such as Marmite, Shortbread and Jaffa Cakes. A cultural exchange followed where the French students taught the English a step class routine, and the English taught the French rounders. After sharing a meal together in the canteen and some sad goodbyes, the students had a tour of the old town in Boulogne and enjoyed some ice-creams by the town hall. They then had a fantastic experience in the creperie, each helping to create the crepe batter before flipping their own crepe, and also helping to create a beautiful marzipan masterpiece. Dinner this evening was a five course experience where we were really impressed by the number of students who tried the snails!! Well done Dan and Rebecca for being the first to taste!! Interestingly more students  wanted to try the snails than the French cheeses! After dinner we had an extremely competitive, hysterical game of rounders – well done to Sinead and Miss Galvin for some fantastic slides, and Alice for starting the worm tradition. Really sorry to be leaving le Moulin and Anne tomorrow, but we will keep you updated with all our travel news. Bonne nuit!

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