French Trip Update

Bonsoir! Another interactive day in France for the Y9 and Y10 French Trip. We started this morning with a trip to a local boulangerie, where the students learnt about the production of bread and impressed us as they made their own croissants under strict instructions from the Boulanger! All students did magnificently under the completely French instructions, but we were particularly amused by Will McFerran’s croissants skills (or lack of). Students then enjoyed a trip to the market in Le Touquet, a picnic near Etaples and they spent some time reflecting in the war cemetery there. This afternoon students created their own chefs d’oeuvre at the ceramic museum. Again we were really proud of the students following all their French instructions and equally impressed and baffled by their pots! Special mentions go to Dan Gunthorpe’s elephant, Phoebe Sass’ artistic flair, Leah Constable’s concentration and Chloe Broomhead’s creative tea pot design. We have just arrived back for dinner, where Jess Goode has taught us all our cutlery vocab, and the students are about to battle it out with a French Quiz. Qui va gagner? A demain!

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