French Trip Update

Bonsoir! Un debut magnifique to the French Trip has been made by our Y10 and Y9 students, who have enjoyed un jour formidable en France. 
After a smooth journey down through beautiful sunshine, we stopped at the Chocolaterie in Buissent where Luke Pike was nominated to be our tour guide translator and he rose to the challenge magnificently. We learnt much about the production of chocolate and tried some too! The goat farm next was a memorable experience, and the students interacted well both with Eliane, the guide, and tous les animaux. Special shout outs go to Leah Constable who translated brilliantly and all the students who held the one day old baby goats – particularly Glen L’Estrange who must have used his Animal Club skills to charm them. After a three course dinner, where students were only allowed to talk in French(!) they enjoyed team games with our excellent animateur, Anne. Congratulations to the winning team “Les baguettes” who successfully completed the mind boggling challenges that got us all in knots (quite literally). Bonne nuit!

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