Bronze for the second year running.

On Friday 10th March the year 10 netball team went across to Lidington for the annual PGL Netball Tournament. On arrival the girls had a chill out evening followed by a mini netball carousal of activities.

On Saturday morning the real netball began, starting against a strong team that the girls remembered from last year, Haygrove yr 10. It was a tough match from start to finish and not the best match to start the tournament with but the girl’s battled their way to a 7-7 draw. Excellent start to the competition by the girls and particularly Clarice Ellis -Greenway. The girls took their experience from this match into the second against Cowsbridge Comprehensive Yr10, this match saw Alice Coles feed the ball extremely well allowing Southam to pull ahead. Unfortunately we still had to play Cowsbridge Comprehensive yr 11 team to play and we knew from previous results that these would be a strong team. The girl’s played well but unforced errors snuck into the game and handed Cowsbridge the victory. The final match of the day came against Queen’s School yr 10 team; the girls came together extremely well linking play to show our strongest combination. The Southam girl’s finished the day in 3rd place at this stage.

In the afternoon the girls had an opportunity to chill out and make use of the facilities at PGL such as the zip wire, aeroball and archery. A small competition on aeroball was needed to ensure Miss Warman could prove she had improved from last year’s terrible performance – the team of Miss Warman and Miss Evans proved themselves by having victories over Nomie and Amy; Marie and Jodie S and Jodie R and Lydia. In the evening the majority of the girls participated in the photo challenge that involved the girls roaming the site and taking photos around the ground.

The final day saw Southam have 2 more group matches against some tough teams. Haygrove Yr11 were sat top after day 1 and we knew from last year these were an extremely well drilled team. Unfortunately the girls couldn’t quite break them down however Jodie Rigg and Clarice Ellis-Greenway managed to rile their oppositions but marking tightly which ended up allowing Southam to keep the goal difference down. The second match was a vital match between Queens School yr 11 (the team who knocked our yr 11 team out last year), this was a tough and physical match between the two teams seeing Jodie Stevens and Amy Carro having to contest for the ball all of the court. Eventhough the girls lost the match by battling hard the Southam team progressed to the semi-finals on goal difference. Southam had drawn to play Haygrove yr 11 team in the semi-finals – the girls battled throughout but unfortunately lost to the team who later progressed and won the final.

The girl’s played extremely well and were only beaten by year 11 teams. Thank you for conducting yourselves so well, I was extremely proud of you.

Miss Warman



  • Haygrove Yr 10 – 7-7 Draw
  • Haygrove Yr 11- 12 – 4 Loss
  • Cowsbridge Comprehensive Yr 11- 8 – 2 Loss
  • Cowsbridge Comprehensive Yr 10 – 11 – 2 Win
  • Queen’s School Yr 10 – 11 – 1 Win
  • Queen’s School Yr 11 – 7 – 4 Loss

Player of the tournament: Jodie Stevens

Squad: Jodie Stevens (Capt) Amy Carro, Hope Aris Marie Pavey, Alice Coles Jodie Rigg, Nomie Nicholas Lydia Crompton, Evie Bastin Clarice Ellis-Greenway, Katie Cummings


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