Ski Trip 2017

Advanced day 4:
The advanced group tackled black mamba this morning and aced it! After some more challenging runs the instructor made them ski with balloons between their legs to develop their technique when parallel skiing. To finish off she took them down the eagle run which allowed them to get lots of air time – resulting in lots of falls but lots of laughs! A great day!

Today beginner 1 were absolutely fantastic!! Mastering the parallel turns and parallel stops, the group showed even more progress today. Visiting the top of the mountain for the second day in a row. A few of the group even attempted a jump in the eagle run!! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

The Beginner 2 group pushed themselves to new heights as they spent a day going on a range of different jumps! Lots of fun and laughter had by all of the group. Looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson!

Intermediate day 4: fabulous day for the intermediate group who descended with style down challenging red runs with grace and style…apart from Ben knocking 7 people over! Looking forward to tomorrow!

All enjoying our evening at the ice cream parlour!

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