Results for the Year 10 House Quiz

A very impressive turn out for the Year 10 House Quiz today!
An excellent attitude displayed by the students and lots of participation for each house, very well done Year 10 for committing to your House and taking part today. Heads of Houses were hugely impressed with the scores, particularly with the English Round where students showed excellent knowledge for their exam. We look forward to another round of the House Quiz with year 9 tomorrow!
1st – Team Webb Ellis- Max, Connor, George, Owen, Ben- 43 points
2nd- Team Webb Ellis- Livvie, Dani, Shauna and Emma- 42 points
3rd- Team Whittle- Peoples Green Machine- Euan and Jack – 41 points
4th- Joint- Team Whittle- Amba, George, Molly and Eve.

Also Godiva- Joint- Aoife, Katie and Jodie. Also Marie, Jess and Alice. Both with 40 points.

A Webb Ellis one two !! I don’t believe it. Well done to all those who took part.

Mr Elkerton



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