Level 2 School Games Badminton

Last evening the year 10 girls badminton team went across to Campion to take part in the Level 2 School Games tournament with the hope of going through to the Level 3 competition.

The team consisted of Jodie Coombs Prole, Lydia Crompton, Aoife Williams and Megan Coats. The girls played against 4 other teams in 4 doubles matches. Considering the girls had only come together for this event I was extremely happy with the results, as the team finished in 3rd place behind Kingsley and Kenilworth. The pairing of Lydia and Jodie convincingly beat both Campion teams and narrowly lost out to Kenilworth. Megan and Aoife had similar success seeing them also win half of their matches throughout the evening.

Unfortunately the team didn’t progress to the next round but they did perform well and have done themselves proud.

Well done girls,
Miss Warman

Well done girls. More practice and the next level next time. Mr Elkerton


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