Football Report

County Cup U16

Polesworth 3 – Southam 2

Our match against Polesworth went rather well despite a 3-2 loss – everyone worked well together, with good teamwork and clear communication. We all started off a bit nervous as we had never played Polesworth before, however, after our first goal, scored by Aoife Williams, we believed we had a chance in winning! Before half time, Polesworth scored a goal by slipping through our defence, so as the whistle went it was 1-1.
In the second half, Polesworth scored another two goals, but our team had not given up. After many close shots on target, Shauna O’Neill scored a good goal not long before the final whistle went.

Despite a brilliant effort by the whole team and a difficult decision, I decided Shauna and Aoife were the players of the match as they played great together upfront and finished some good counter attacks. They both were strong in different areas, for example, Shauna had some strong runs up the pitch getting through the opposing defence and Aoife had excellent control of the ball with some accurate headers too!

Also, throughout the game I thought that Kacey Cherington held the back four well and made some good clearances. Although she came off injured minutes before the end, Louise Gilks played great too, taking the ball up the wing and passing it into the middle, providing chances for Shauna and Aoife.

Overall, I think all the girls did well and proved to themselves that they did have a chance in winning against Polesworth. Well done everyone!

Charlotte Webster (Captain)

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