Year 10 Netball

On Tuesday, the Year 10 Netball A team went to their first of two league nights, feeling quietly confident after last year’s victory at the area tournament. The Squad of nine was made up of Hope Aris, Amy Carro, Jodie Rigg, Clarice Ellis-Greenway, Alice Coles, Jodie Stevens, Marie Pavey, Katie Cummings and Nomie Nicholas.

In the first match the girls came up against Kings High, a strong side with some regional players and the girls did us proud with some excellent centre court play by Nomie Nicholas and Jodie Rigg and some excellent defence from Katie Cummings and Clarice Ellis Greenway . Unfortunately we lost that game 12-2 but still had high hopes for the rest of the evening.

In the second game Southam faced Kingsley, an equally strong side. The girls played well with some excellent shooting from Hope Aris and Jodie Stevens and great passing from Alice Coles. The end result was 5-3 to Southam. The first win of the night.

In the third game the team played Aylesford. Southam were confident about this game as previously they had beaten them. The girls played well with some excellent play from Amy Carro and Jodie Rigg. Clarice and Katie only allowed Aylesford to score 3 goals and amazing shooting from Amy Carro and Marie Pavey with a great match ending 10- 3 to Southam.

In the final game we faced Campion. Southam came out strong with excellent play from all the girls and the game ended with an excellent result of 14-1 to Southam.

Well done to the squad. Keep it up for the next league night and go out and smash it!

Overall the girl of the evening goes to Hope Aris and Amy Carro for their excellent play even when they weren’t in positions they were comfortable in. A Special mention to Marie Pavey and Jodie Stevens who made great shots throughout the evening

Katie Cummings, Year 10

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