Semi-final success for Southam

The Year 9 Southam College Rounders team competed in the Central Warwickshire Rounders Tournament yesterday evening. There were 9 schools present which meant there were 2 pools. In Southam’s pool they had to play Myton, Kenilworth B and Trinity. A slow start to the afternoon saw Southam field really well against Myton seeing them only score 5 Rounders, however unfortunately the girls didn’t bat as well and saw them only achieve 2 1/2  rounders and take their first defeat. The girls were not knocked by this and went on to play Kenilworth B in which their batting dramatically improved and saw Lydia Crompton, Megan Coats and Amy Carro scoring vital rounders for the team and finishing their innings on 8 rounders. The girls fielding was exceptional again only allowing Kenilworth to score 3 1/2 taking their first win. Final game of the group stages saw Southam play Trinity, the girls were on full flow and some fantastic fielding from Aoife Williams, Marie Pavey, Megan Coats and Hope Aris only allowed Trinity to score 1 rounder. The girls continued batting well and finished the group stages winning 5 rounders to 1.

After a successful group stage Southam then progressed to the semi-finals were they faced Kenilworth A. Kenilworth A had some exceptional batters which saw them score a huge 7 1/2 rounders, the girls fielded brilliantly again however could not stop some of the big hitters from scoring. Southam then took to bat and unfortunately only able to score 3 rounders and therefore not progressing to the grand final. Due to the evening being so pleasant, a third and forth play off was decided between us and Kingsley who had lost out to Myton in their semi-final match. Once again brilliant batting from Lydia Crompton, Amy Carro and Jodie Coombs-Prole allowed Southam to sneak 4 rounders past a very strong Kingsley team. The final time of fielding and the girls were as strong as ever however narrowly missing out by 2 rounders in the final 6 balls meant that Southam finished 4th.

Well done girls, you played really well.

Miss Warman


Jess Griffin (Captain and deep fielder), Amy Carro (deep fielder), Lydia Crompton (deep fielder), Jodie Coombs- Prole, Aoife Williams (Backstop), Megan Coats (Backstop), Hope Aris (2nd base), Marie Pavey (4th base and bowler), Nomie Nicholas (bowler), Georgie Hurt (bowler), Katie Cummings (deep fielder)


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