Year 9 Netballers win….. again!!!

After an extremely successful evening last night the Southam Netball squad played Kings High (Usually a contender for the league). A few last minute changes to the squad due to absences and injuries saw some of the girls play slightly out of positions.

The first quarter was end to end with each team making excellent interceptions. The two circle defenders Katie Cummings and Clarice Ellis-Greenway were exceptional reducing Kings High to scoring only 2 goals. However the Kings High pairing were equally as strong and were very good at blocking the passes coming into the circle to Marie Pavey and Alice Coles. Finishing 2-1 to Kings High.

Second quarter saw a similar battle with both teams fighting for the ball. Mr Elkerton came up to cheer on his year group and the girls started to up their game. Evie Bastin came on at WD and was able to calm down the ball in the centre court allowing the ball to travel easier through the court. Marie was putting up some excellent shots and just before the half time whistle she put the ball through the hoop to put Southam ahead 5-4.

The third quarter was where the game was changed Jodie Rigg came on at GA and Alice moved to WA. Jodie came on and was able to feed the ball brilliantly to Marie who was holding in the circle and saw Southam put up more shots and start to sneak ahead. Finishing 9-7.

The final quarter Kara Barnes came on as WD and Lydia Crompton as WA and the excellent work continued with Jodie continuing to feed the ball into the circle. Marie who was shooting brilliantly at this stage was able to convert each opportunity she could allowing Southam to creep ahead finishing the game 14-7 to Southam.

An excellent result and a fantastic game, Well done!!

Miss Warman.

Team: Marie Pavey, Alice Coles, Jodie Rigg, Evie Bastin, Lydia Crompton, Nomie Nicholas, Kara Barnes, Clarice Ellis-Greenway, Katie Cummings (Captain) 

Players of the match: Marie Pavey, Jodie Rigg


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