Year 9 Netball

An even game ends in a draw!!

The Year 9 netball team played the second leg of their Trinity battle!! The game was a very nice and friendly game as a whole finishing with a final score of 8-8.

First quarter saw Georgie take the first centre pass and the ball easily made its way into the defensive third and the goal converted by Grace. A solid defensive performance by Rebecca and Olivia saw Southam come off after the first 7mins 4-2 up.

The second quarter saw Trinity start to convert their goals and they came off 5-4 ahead, however Southam had put up a good battle.

The second half saw Southam nudge ahead, however closely after Trinity managed to equalise.

It came down to the final minutes of the game and a fantastic ball by Kara to Megan in the circle allowed for a quick pass to Jodie and for Jodie to score and put Southam 1 ahead. A few seconds later a minor collision saw Kara and Lauren collide and Southam’s focus was gone for a few seconds which allowed Trinity to score the final equalising goal.

The game finished 8-8 however was a well contested game, which finished on both teams singing Happy Birthday to Olivia.

Well done girls,

Miss Warman

Player of the match: Georgie Hurt

Squad: Jodie Coombs-Prole (Captain),Grace O’Kelly, Megan Coats, Georgie Hurt, Carly Lucas, Kara Barnes,Lauren Stanton,
Rebecca Lines, Olivia Hill



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