Year 9 House Quiz

1st – Whittle – Team sir Frank Whittle – Ben Hickey, Tommy Driscoll, Keir Woods, Conor Hefferman, George Woods, Claudia Waldcock, Larissa Hurt, Jack Boddington- with FULL points – 55! well done!

2nd- Whittle- EMA- Amba Stock, Molly Versey, Evelyn Hughes – 45 points

Joint 3rd- Webb Ellis- The Adam appreciation Society – Joe Tiff, George Monaghan, Ben Fisher- 44 points

Whittle- We are the best- Sophia Burnard, Lauren Rankin, Carly Lucas, Zoe Sedgewick- 44 points

4th- Whittle – Chloe Watts, Bonnie- Louise Wheeler, Sam Enston, Lea Dehany, Chloe Broomhead -43 points



Well done Year 9. There were lots of teams supporting each House at lunchtime yesterday for the House Quiz. An impressive score from the Sir Frank Whittle team with the full 55 points! Whittle were leading the way for the year 9s. A brilliant turn out. We look forward to next week for our final rounds of the House Quiz with year 8 on Tuesday and year 7 on Wednesday.

Well done to all involved. Its those Whittlers again this year. Who can knock them off their purch I wounder next year?
Mr Elkerton

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