Double win for the Southam Netball teams

Both the year 9 and 10 netball teams defeated Campion last night, in two big scoring games; 15-1 and 20-0.

The Year 9 girls started the game off extremely well in the cold conditions with some fantastic shooting from Marie Pavey, Amy Carro and Jodie Rigg. However the shooters would not have been as successful without the numerous turnovers and interceptions made from the defenders; Katie Cummings (captain) and Clarice Ellis-Greenway. The centre court players were strong in both attack and defence helping reduce Campion to only having 3 attempts on goal.

A huge effort from the girls and the supporters and scorers (Hope Aris, Megan Coats and Grace O’Kelly). Well done a well deserved win.

Southam started off strong winning the first quarter against Campion 6-0. The defence made up of Sophie Kirk and Rosie Hill ensured that Campion weren’t allowed any shots on goals. Eve Rhea, Maisie Powell, Jeri Jenkins, Sophia Lindsey and Ruby Harvey, Southam’s centre court applied pressure on the Campion team and managed to steal interceptions – moving the ball swiftly up court for Jess Frogley and Eve Murphy to attack with their accurate shooting. Campion did show a strong defence and intercepted passes from Southam to deny goals. Southam did well to maintain their strength and play their own game. A final score of 20-0 showed the immense pressure Southam applied. Overall a great game to watch with lots of excellent team play.

Miss Warman and Miss MacLachlan


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