Girls Football

A HUGE congratulations to the U13 and U15 girls football teams who finished their league matches with force! The U13 team managed to kick things off with an excellent strike from Sarah Costa after Kacie Morby, Ellie Cumberbatch, Lauren Bale, Emily Lovett and Grace Darcy all defended Myton A – keeping them far away from the goal. Although Myton managed to get the score to 1-1, Poppy Lummis in goal worked hard to ensure Myton didn’t gain anymore goals, whilst the defence denied any chances! Overall a brilliant final match for the team – only conceding one goal over the whole league.
The U15 team managed to win both their league games 1-0! Both games were against Myton A and although Myton tried their best efforts to attack the Southam defence, we were too strong. Shauna O’Neill fired both goals into the back of the Myton net, assisted by Megan Hickey, Aofie Williams and Louise Gilks. Katherine Ibbs in goal was supported by the efforts of Carly Lucas, Jodie Coombs-Prole, Charlotte Webster, Elena Cadwallader, Leah Constable. Overall a great team effort – one that secured two wins towards the league table.
We look forward to seeing the final standings…watch this space!

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