Netball Match Report

Southam teams battle Myton on cold drizzly evening.

The very successful year 9 netball team had a slight blip tonight against Myton. The team played really well as a whole with all players putting 100% effort in, however the long balls seemed to be getting turned over by the tall Myton team.

The Southam defence consisting of Katie Cummings, Jess Griffin (on her year 9 debut) and Nomie Nicholas was strong stopping the outstanding GS from Myton from getting the ball. However when she got the ball she rarely missed, seeing them put 9 goals past Southam in total.

A strong centre court performance from Alice Coles, Lydia Crompton and Nomie Nicholas (half the game) meant that Southam were able to move the ball well down the court to the shooters of the evening Marie Pavey, Hope Aris and Amy Carro who were able to get 5, with the the final score of 11-5.

The girls played really well in the horrible conditions, giving Myton a really tough game, unfortunately the score didn’t truly reflect the performance. Never mind, we will beat them in the tournament!

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