Boys Sports Teams round up – Year 9

This half term has shown a number of great games for the squads for Rugby and Football. We start with the Rugby.

A great attacking performance at Coundon Court saw Southam with a deserved 47 -31 win. This is endemic of their attacking style but also highlights their defensive frailty at times. Tries came from all of the team. Ben Hickey, Jack Latus, Luke Padmore, Ethan white to name a few. Fin Purnell was excellent at fly half with Sam Cook equally excellent in the rucks. Morgan White and Henry Woodbridge tackled manfully on the wing. Man of the match was Rowan Webb for his improvements in straight lines of run and aggressive offence.
The next game against a fast active Camp Hill highlighted the defence issues with a 55 – 20 loss. Camp Hill. Our rucks were exceptional as were our scrums but with key players still missing tackling let us down. Ben Hickey was man of the match for his amazing fight and technique in the tight. It was nice to see Fin Doherty crash over for a couple of deserved tries.


After a disappointing early exit from the county cup, caused by individual errors and a lack of fight, Southam had a mighty bounce back. Management decided to change the system and shake things up a bit. It seemed to initially have failed going 2 – 0 down to Kenilworth within 10 minutes of being off the bus! However true spirit and determination resulted in a mighty comeback. Two goals from Charlie Mills and a blinder from Ethan White saw us take the lead before half time. Although Southam had the better chances in the second half including an excellent header from James Harris, the score remained 3-2 to Southam. Man of the match was Fin Purnell for his drive and captaincy, followed by Charlie Mills.
The next league game was a challenge, against a good Myton who had had a great game last year beating us 3-1. This year there was a 2 goal swing the other way with a 2-0 win for Southam. Credit needs to be given to Tommy Driscoll who was far more active and aggressive and physical than his first game this year. He got his just deserts with a brace of goals, the first being a fantastic far post header. He was close to man of the match but Keir Wood was a talisman at the back and showed calmness and control in the centre of defence. Myton played some good football at times, but Southam’s pressing game was effective and cut off supply. Just what was asked for!! Southam riding high top of the league!!
Well done to all Rugby and Footballers this term.
Mr Elkerton

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