German Trip – Update

Dienstag – Day 2

A jam packed day for Year 8 today! Tours of both Boppard am Rheim and Rudesheim, a chair lift over beautiful gorge scenery, a historical cruise down the impressive river Rhein, a picnic on top of the Loreley and an action packed session at the swimming pool in Koblenz. Students have thrown themselves into embracing German culture (particularly through ordering local specialities and German favourites like Bratwurst, Eis and Mezzo Mix) and we have been impressed by their enthusiasm and attitude. Special mention to Sam Cook and Alex Kidd who have been extra polite and greeted everyone they have met with a fond German greeting. Well done, boys! Köln tomorrow for another busy day. Tschüss!

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One comment on “German Trip – Update

  1. Hope our Year 8 language students are using their German speaking skills and helping Mr Elkerton to communicate!

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