Netball Update

netYear 8 and 9 had a very tough match against two very well trained Kingsley teams.
The year 8’s played extremely well throughout the game, but unfortunately a few silly mistakes meant that Kingsley could turn over the ball. The defence of Katie and Clarice had a very tough game on their hands, battling with the GA and GS throughout. In the second half Southam seemed to calm down their play seeing some success in the form of goals from Marie and Hope. With the final score being 12-3, a very good battle girls.
The year 9’s faced a similar battle with the year 9 Kingsley team being equally as strong. Southam showed a very good and disciplined performance throughout the first half however did see Kingsley take a big lead. An unfortunate fall from Elouise in the second quarter saw her having to be replaced by a year 8 due to a blood injury. Elouise was patched up on the side of the court and managed to make an appearance in the final quarter to score the only Southam goal of the match. Final score 14-1, good fight girls.
Well done girls and good luck tomorrow.
Miss Warman and Miss Evans

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