Year 8 Trampolining Competition

Well done to all the Girls who took part in the Year 8 Trampolining Competition on Thursday 5th February 2015 at Aylesford school. This was the first Competition for all the girls who took part, despite the nerves and intensity of this type of Competition the girls performed brilliantly. There was outstanding performances by all; Larissa Hurt, Georgina Hurt, Aoife Williams, Nomie Nicholas, Evie Hughes, Rebecca Line and Morgan Leigh all represented Southam College at this Competition and conducted themselves with such professionalism throughout. The compulsory routine round was first and few marks were deducted due to accurate and technical skills performed with height and flexibility. In the voluntary routine round there was some little errors due to nerves but also some awesome front somersaults which help to maintain some high scores. Unfortunately we did not quite do it this year but not down to the lack of trying. With resilience and reflection from this year’s performances and the event as a whole the success at next year’s Competition is imminent. All of the team should be highly commended and hold there heads up high. Also a huge thank you to Claudia Waldock who was there to support and encourage the team. I would personally like to say a huge well done and thank you for your commitment, hardwork and effort over the last few weeks. You should all be very proud of your achievements, I am certainly extremely proud! Miss Evans

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