Year 8 Rugby

y8 rugby

Southam 27 Kineton 7

A ring rusty Southam opened their season with a hard fought but ultimately pleasing victory over Kineton. Tackling was sporadic and people were reliant upon a few individuals getting stuck in, particularly in rucks where hesitation was too common. Never -the- less Southam slowly but surely got back into ‘game mode’. Luke Padmore began to make more of himself in the game and Flanker French secured ball. Will Eadon began to lead the backs line up in defence and attack. Aiden Keen made darting runs. In the run scrums Southam were excellent all the way through and this was a good base for victory. Stuart O’Rourke at scrum half was man of the match for his outstanding tackling and linking forwards and backs at scrum half. French was a close second by winning ball – he got the final try.

Padmore’s pace and Emeney’s Energy too much for Coundon

Southam 33 Coundon Court 12

Last year Southam had their first ever game and a superb victory against Coundon.This year we were concerned that with seven first choice players missing that we might well struggle, particularly against their 6ft 4inch second row!

With 33 students at training credit has to go for this victory on the whole club. Students worked hard against a much improved Coundon. It was Coundon that took a deserved lead by a well worked try. Southam just could not get the ball, but tackling was so much better; they were tackling like lions. Fin Purnell led the line at fly half and although out of position was keen to impress. Many students like Ben Hickey came to the fore. Sam Mackaness, Conner Heffernan and Bradley McDaid began to not only lean on rucks but hit them and drive. Presentation was clean and it was not long before an opening presented itself – a silk smooth run from Max Hurtubise getting through for a try. Aiden Keen stopped excellent wing play and made amazing hits in the backs to stop the power of Coundon’s big men . The opposition on several occasions threatened with power but nobody jumped out of the way. Henry Woodbridge made several hard fought saves but when a few tackles were final missed by the backs Coundon went over. Southam finished the half strongly with a Luke Padmore try after a Cook rip and ruck and a 12 -12 half time result was just about right.

George Monaghan took over from his partner in crime Hickey and was equally impressive. Alford and Crump thew themselves into the fray. Crump dived at the giant and brought him down like a modern day David v Goliath. Purnell linked well with Ethan White after a mazzie run by winger and brother Morgan White had set up a ruck.

Padmore got three tries and a so called weakened Southam began to run away with the game. Despite the efforts of Coundon’s 10, who was excellent, it was the three tries by Luke Padmore that made a big impact. You would think that he should get man of the match but one lad yet to be mentioned deserves the title – James Enemy

James Enemey had been given constructive criticism about not drifting in and out of the game. He was told to drive into everything, chase everything and power into rucks -he did all of these and more. This quiet athletic giant did not stop for the whole of the game and restricted Coundon. He was Southam’s answer to Richie McCaw and epitomized the whole teams great play. Well done to all the lads involved. A great game well fought and a deserved win.

Southam runners up in bruising area sevens tournament.

Southam went away to Studley for a new and fresh attempt at a new version of the game. With a full squad of 11 hopes were high. Fast power houses in abundance with players like Jack Latus smashing through tackles, Southam brushed past Studley 20 -10 but contact seemed to be desired too much and this did make us pay later on.

Against an equally athletic Myton we drew 15 -15. This was based upon too much contact and missing tackles wide. Eadon linked well with his troops but rucks were hard fought over and although Keen and Purnell went over, the Myton 12 showed pace to draw level.

Against Alcester Grammer the tackling finally got back to high standards. It was a shame it was against a well drilled side that showed that draw and give was the key to sevens. At 5 -5 it looked balanced but a line out and a sweeping run across the backs saw us go behind. We fought valiantly but were outdone by one try to the final winners 15 -10.

The last game saw Southam in no mood to take prisoners against a good Trinity outfit, we out muscled and outpaced them. 45 -15 made the difference between coming runners up and third in a tight pool competition. Aiden Keen’s tackling was outstanding as was his fantastic running. He deserves his man of the tournament award.

Final Result
1st Alcester Grammar
2nd Southam College
3rd Myton
4th Trinity
5th Studley

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