“O’Rourke’s drift” – Year 7 Rugby

Southam 45 – Kineton 0

A comprehensive victory in the Year 7’s final full game.
A full squad of 31 players trained the week before, only made possible by me having the support coaches of Dan Mills and Miss Burke which enabled us to play good hard Rugby against our derby rivals.
The Southam pack out scrummaged the Kineton boys and dominated play for most of the game. Will Eadon scored several tries, but I was most pleased with his and the rest of the backs distribution; linking up with the forwards to great effect. A real pattern of play developed in this last game before their tournament on the 1st April.
Stuart O’Rourke was inspirational and fully involved in linking forwards and backs. A drift, a ‘show and go’ and finally a pass resulted in the first try. Keen and Purnell worked well in the centres to create more trouble in a hard working but  over-whelmed  Kineton defence. James Emeney was smashing in the rucks. George Monaghan was excellent in his technique playing  for both sides with equal commitment – just the type of lad he is!  l
Last gasp tackles from the tireless Jack French as pack leader, and Max Hurtubise at full back, kept a zero score line.
Areas of strength – scrummage and backs running with support, take the space or draw a man and give excellent.
Areas to work on – all players must battle to make tackles, too much hesitation in rucks – drive them hard and low !
A special thanks to Mr Mills who was our qualified referee and well done to Jack Latus. Owen Harris and Adam Bennett who represented the College for the first time.
Keep it up. Mr Elkerton.

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