Club philosophy and training pays off!! – Year 7 win with style.

The Year 7 team took a 22 -13 win in their first ever game against North Leamington. They have been attending lunchtime clubs from the start of the year which resulted in better finishing skills and organisation; against a green North Leam.  Liam Squirrell set us off with a fine display of skills combined with Will Eadon who has made the position of foward his own with excellent 45 degree shots. Ben Hickey was excellent in defence, as was Oz Kee who ran himself into the ground. Conner Peisley showed how to pass the ball with speed and accuracy, whilst Max Hurtubise showed intelligence with his positioning and finishing.  Sam Cook  was the most improved player with excellent bocking and rebounding in defence and attack. Naomi Nicholas – one of the first girls to make it into the team should be mentioned for superb passing and intelligent runs. They have plenty to work on and there are places up for grabs, but what an excellent start. The whole Basketball Club – including those that were not selected deserve  ‘man of the match’. Training Monday after school – all welcome.

One comment on “Club philosophy and training pays off!! – Year 7 win with style.

  1. This was a very successful game score being 22-16, of course it was to due to the Southam Team being Sam , Conner , Ben , Nyomi , Max . Will , dan in whittle. Very well done to the team

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