Year 7 Rugby Tournament

Southam smashed their way to victory at the recent rugby tournament at Leamington RFC. The year 7 team proved worthy of their place at the top, to become the champions of Leamington!

Game 1: Southam v Aylesford

Against a newly formed Aylesford side, the first try of the game was given to Finn Purnell. This was made even more impressive as it was scored within a minute of kick off.  The try was converted by Will Eadon, who under pressure, kicked with ease. The second try came quickly with a score form Eadon and was again slotted over. Ethan White bolstered the score line with Southam’s third try, leaving the Aylesford side deflated. The game was explosives and Southam were able to keep possession which led to Max Hurtubise sprinting for the try line. With Eadon’s conversion, the score was brought to 28-0 as the final whistle blew. Man of the Match was awarded to Eadon.

Game 2: Southam v Myton

The ball was received on the ten metre line and was charged into a ruck by the formidable Jack French. A rugged battle was undertaken by both sides. Finn Doherty, Bradley McDaid, Sam Cook and Luke Padmore, smashed the opposition on several occasions. Max Crump, Ollie Elford and Aiden Keen fought hard as full back and wingers. Southam forwards powered over the ruck, the try was left to Keen on the blind side, who danced precariously with the touch line, but safe hands and quick feet ensured that the try would send Southam to the final, as a result Aiden Keen received Man of the Match.

Game 3: The Final Southam v North Leamington

Tension was mounting as the seconds were closing in on the final. Suddenly a rush of blood surged through the bodies of all Southam players as what they were doing dawned on them. Southam were dominant in the line outs,  with Sam Macaness throwing the ball with accuracy. Morgan White and Luke Kelly rucked hard and passed well throughout, showing themselves to be great team players. Michael  King Hall received the ball well on many occasions, passing out to Woods,  who set the ball up for Crump to place the ball over the try line. Minutes later O’ Rourke, Man of the Match, rammed home Southam’s advantage, scoring the final try as the whistle blew.

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