Year 7 Football

Southam 3  Queen Elizabeth 0

The Year 7 football team got off to a flyer in last weeks opening Warwickshire cup against Queen Elizabeth. The first half was against the hill and Southam had to be mindful of tighter marking and keeping shape if they were to progress further. The team did begin to gel with George Woods at left back showing strength and composure. In midfield a tactical change swapping the impressive tackling of Josh Thomas into midfield with the pace of Fin Purnell going onto the wing began to reap rewards. Southam began to press more as a unit and corners were won with ease. A poor clearance saw Riley Burch pounce on a ball and like a modern Gary Liniker stab the ball home around a defender. A second was stroked into the corner by a cultured shot by George Iacovidies from centre back. The second half saw the ball run away from Southam but after a poor 5 minutes with many changes, they regained control. James Harris was a great outlet on the left wing and Rowan Webb became a pleasing outlet on the right. Southam gained another goal in the second half seeing Liam Squirell and Conner Peisley link well. The tie was over and we look forward to the next round. Well done lads. I know their are more players and positions to find but an excellent start. The south Warwickshire League beckons for their next game. Man of the match was Josh for his superb display in the centre.

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