Year 10 Parent Information Evening Reminder

Both parents and students are invited to attend this evenings presentation from the Heads of English, Mathematics and Science. Information on GCSE courses, examinations and support will be shared at 7pm in the main school Hall. There will also be an opportunity to purchase revision guides for theses core subjects, if students have not ordered these in Year 9. Prices are listed below and exact money is greatly appreciated.

  • English Language Revision Guide and Workbook = £5.50
  • Maths Revision Guide and Workbook = £5 (can be brought separately for £2.50 each)
  • Combined Science = £6
  • Separate Science = £9 (can be purchase separately for £3 each for Biology/Chemistry/Physics)

We look forward to seeing you this evening!

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To help students come to lessons with the correct equipment for their GCSE course, the Design and Technology Department at Southam College have put together a clear pencil case that includes fabric scissors, paper scissors, stitch ripper, 50 needles, tape measure, fineliner, tacking thread, pins, tailors chalk sewing machine bobbin and glue stick. Left handed scissors will be supplied if required. The cost of the pencil case will be £10.00.

Payment methods :

1. ParentPay

2. Cheques made payable to Southam College and returned to the student office in and envelope labelled with the students name, tutor group and textiles equipment.

The Technology Department

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You will be able to purchase revision guides

1. ScienceCombined Science revision guides for £6.

2. ScienceSeparate Science revision guides for £3 each, or £9.00 the set.

3. English – Revision guides for £5.50.

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European Bake Off

The Modern Foreign Languages Department and Heads of Houses would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has entered European Bake Off. We are overwhelmed with the amount of fantastic entries. Every baker should be very proud of their efforts and you will be receiving HAPS very soon.

Judging will take place at lunchtime and winners will be announced later today.


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Philosophy and Ethics

The Philosophy and Ethics level ladder has being published to support the progress of students across the all year groups. This will support and inform all Home Learning projects and assessments the Philosophy and Ethics department set over the course of this year.

Mrs Thomas, Head of Philosophy and Ethics

pi level ladder.jpg

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