Dance Production Dress Rehearsals

All students who are involved in the Dance Production there are two dress rehearsals –

Wednesday 1st December 2015 – Periods 1,2 & 3

Monday 7th December 2015 – Periods 1,2 & 3 Primary school performance.

Please come down to the gym during break so we can get started as soon as possible period 3. If you require lunch from canteen get this at break time. You will need your costumes and music if you have not yet handed this into Mr MacGibbon already.

Please Mr Franzoni if you have any questions.

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Lower School House Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 24th November 2015 students from Year 7, 8 and 9 took part in the Lower School house Swimming Gala.
The atmosphere was fabulous all morning with students cheering and encouraging their fellow members of their house, the team comrade and support was so wonderful to see and just reinforced what fantastic students we do have at Southam College. The support from the Southam College staff, the P.E Department and some of Sixth Form House Captains helped and encouraged the students taking part to put in even more effort to gain those points needed to be winners. Erin Riden, Laura Woods, Charlie Sheehy, Lauren Baker, Kirah Barnes, Katherine Ibbs, Megan Stanton, Megan Browne and Rhys James from Year 10 were all fantastic Sports Leaders; they encouraged, supported and helped the students involved and they assisted with the time keeping which helped the Gala to run smoothly and successfully.
The competition throughout all Year groups was outstanding with some brilliant Individual performances. This included two new individual records broken by Erin Jones in Year 7 and the Year 7 Girls Webb Ellis Relay Team broke the Team Record for the 4x 50m Freestyle Relay. This demonstrated the excellent talent of the swimming. Well done to all students who took part and earned every little point for their house you should all be very proud of your achievements.
Thank you to Heads of House, Mr Southall, Mrs Herbage, Miss Machlachlan, Miss Warman, Mr Rose, Miss Leng, Mr Ottaway, Georgia Bishop and all the Year 10 Leaders for your support and helping the event to run successfully.
You are all fabulous! Miss Evans

View gala results

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Double win for the Southam Netball teams

Both the year 9 and 10 netball teams defeated Campion last night, in two big scoring games; 15-1 and 20-0.

The Year 9 girls started the game off extremely well in the cold conditions with some fantastic shooting from Marie Pavey, Amy Carro and Jodie Rigg. However the shooters would not have been as successful without the numerous turnovers and interceptions made from the defenders; Katie Cummings (captain) and Clarice Ellis-Greenway. The centre court players were strong in both attack and defence helping reduce Campion to only having 3 attempts on goal.

A huge effort from the girls and the supporters and scorers (Hope Aris, Megan Coats and Grace O’Kelly). Well done a well deserved win.

Southam started off strong winning the first quarter against Campion 6-0. The defence made up of Sophie Kirk and Rosie Hill ensured that Campion weren’t allowed any shots on goals. Eve Rhea, Maisie Powell, Jeri Jenkins, Sophia Lindsey and Ruby Harvey, Southam’s centre court applied pressure on the Campion team and managed to steal interceptions – moving the ball swiftly up court for Jess Frogley and Eve Murphy to attack with their accurate shooting. Campion did show a strong defence and intercepted passes from Southam to deny goals. Southam did well to maintain their strength and play their own game. A final score of 20-0 showed the immense pressure Southam applied. Overall a great game to watch with lots of excellent team play.

Miss Warman and Miss MacLachlan


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Southam Girls beat Trinity in their first of a two leg fixture

The Year 9 Southam netball team played Trinity tonight in the home leg of the two leg fixture.
In the first quarter the girls were a little rusty, and took a little while to get settled with a few passes being made off balance and rushed. Half way through the quarter the girls settled into the match and started to play some brilliant netball down the court through Larissa Hurt, Georgie Hurt and Emily Heydon. After the first quarter- the girls came off 2-1 down.
A few changes were made with Rebecca Lines and Lydia Crompton taking the the court as GK and WD. The second quarter saw some brilliant defensive work from Rebecca and captain Hannah Bale (GD), seeing them making numerous interceptions and turn overs from the back. However due to strong wind Grace O’Kelly and Jodie Coombs-Prole were unable to convert all of the turn overs and the half time score was 3-2 to Trinity.
However after a small break at half time and the arrival of some year 9 supporters the girls managed to dominate the third quarter fully. The wind died down a little allowing from some outstanding shooting from Grace and Jodie seeing the girls but 4 more goals through in this quarter. Alongside the strong shooting the new defensive pairing of Olivia Hill and Rebecca didn’t allow a goal to go through the net.
Final quarter saw the girls continue with their brilliant play and move the ball nicely down the court. The final score finished 8-4 to Southam. It was a lovely game to watch and both teams were polite and played extremely well considering some of the girls had never played together before. I look forward to the second leg at Trinity in a few months time.
Well done girls I was really impressed tonight.
Miss Warman
Player of the match: Georgie Hurt

Well done girls – an excellent spirited win. Resilience and dedication go a long way to achieving success. Well deserved and keep it up!!
Mr Elkerton

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Girls Football

A HUGE congratulations to the U13 and U15 girls football teams who finished their league matches with force! The U13 team managed to kick things off with an excellent strike from Sarah Costa after Kacie Morby, Ellie Cumberbatch, Lauren Bale, Emily Lovett and Grace Darcy all defended Myton A – keeping them far away from the goal. Although Myton managed to get the score to 1-1, Poppy Lummis in goal worked hard to ensure Myton didn’t gain anymore goals, whilst the defence denied any chances! Overall a brilliant final match for the team – only conceding one goal over the whole league.
The U15 team managed to win both their league games 1-0! Both games were against Myton A and although Myton tried their best efforts to attack the Southam defence, we were too strong. Shauna O’Neill fired both goals into the back of the Myton net, assisted by Megan Hickey, Aofie Williams and Louise Gilks. Katherine Ibbs in goal was supported by the efforts of Carly Lucas, Jodie Coombs-Prole, Charlotte Webster, Elena Cadwallader, Leah Constable. Overall a great team effort – one that secured two wins towards the league table.
We look forward to seeing the final standings…watch this space!

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