Southam miss out to a powerful Princethorpe team

The year 9 started the evening off playing against an extremely strong and well trained Princethorpe team.

The first quarter started off with a Southam College first centre pass with Nomie Nicholas and Lydia Crompton taking the ball to the edge of the circle and for Alice Coles and Marie Pavey to take the first shots of the game. The ball then travelled down the other end of the court where unfortunately captain Katie Cummings rolled her ankle in an attempt to intercept the ball resulting in her having to sit off for the remainder of the first quarter. Nomie and Jodie Stevens stepped up to the mark as GK and GD and managed to stop Princethorpe converting too many of their chances. The first quarter finished with Princethorpe winning 4-0.

The second quarter resulted in a change in positions with Katie still off due to her ankle Marie swapped ends to become GK, Nomie moved to GD, Evie Bastin took to the court as WD, Jodie Rigg at C, Alice moved to WA and Jodie S and Hope Aris moved to GA and GS respectively. The quarter started extremely strong with some great turn overs by the attacking end allow Southam to maintain possession in the attacking third. Some outstanding feeding of the ball from Alice and both Jodies allowed Hope to put up some brilliant shots seeing her converting all 3 of her chances. Nomie and Marie worked extremely hard in defence to stop Princethorpe’s strong shooters having too many chances. At half time the score was 7-3 to Princethorpe.

More changes to the Southam College team saw Alice move to GS, Lydia come at C, Katie come back on court as GK and Jodie R move to WD. From the first whistle the Southam girls were making interception with Jodie R taking the ball from Princethorpe’s first centre pass. Alice and Jodie S were putting up some brilliant shots; finishing the quarter 12-6 to Princethorpe.

Final combination saw Katie move to GD, Lydia move to GK and a new shooting combination of Marie and Hope. The girls battled their way through the final quarter with only letting Princethorpe score 4 more goals; seeing the end score 16-6 to Princethorpe.

Play of the match: Nomie Nicholas.

Well done,

Miss Warman

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Science at Southam



Year 9 Science students have been learning about respiration. As part of their lesson they took part in exercise to raise their heart rate and timed how long it took for them to return to a resting heart rate.
Well done Year 9 – Great lesson

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Level 2 Swimming Gala – Thursday 11th February 2016

Can all the students who have been selected to represent Southam College at the School Games Level 2 Swimming Gala please check the ECA Notice Boards in the Boys and Girls changing rooms for further details.
If you can no longer take part or there are any further queries please make sure you Miss Evans ASAP.

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Great Work Josh

jAs part of the new GCSE English Language Specification, students are challenged to write persuasively to communicate ideas which they feel strongly about and Miss Kingham’s class definitely rose to this challenge. Students wrote persuasive arguments to the government about how education could be improved. Josh’s letter, which was sent off to the government, received a personal response from Nick Gibb MP (Minister of State for Schools) about his ideas.


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Year 9 House Quiz

1st – Whittle – Team sir Frank Whittle – Ben Hickey, Tommy Driscoll, Keir Woods, Conor Hefferman, George Woods, Claudia Waldcock, Larissa Hurt, Jack Boddington- with FULL points – 55! well done!

2nd- Whittle- EMA- Amba Stock, Molly Versey, Evelyn Hughes – 45 points

Joint 3rd- Webb Ellis- The Adam appreciation Society – Joe Tiff, George Monaghan, Ben Fisher- 44 points

Whittle- We are the best- Sophia Burnard, Lauren Rankin, Carly Lucas, Zoe Sedgewick- 44 points

4th- Whittle – Chloe Watts, Bonnie- Louise Wheeler, Sam Enston, Lea Dehany, Chloe Broomhead -43 points



Well done Year 9. There were lots of teams supporting each House at lunchtime yesterday for the House Quiz. An impressive score from the Sir Frank Whittle team with the full 55 points! Whittle were leading the way for the year 9s. A brilliant turn out. We look forward to next week for our final rounds of the House Quiz with year 8 on Tuesday and year 7 on Wednesday.

Well done to all involved. Its those Whittlers again this year. Who can knock them off their purch I wounder next year?
Mr Elkerton

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Food Technology

“Thank you Southam College for a wonderful dinner. George Monaghan in Year 9 cooked a Lasagne at school today, it was really delicious!!” Parent Comment.

Well done George – It seems we are all round the Monaghan’s then for some real Italian !?
Mr Elkerton

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